Using podcasts in teaching and learning

Students: using iTunes U in your LEARNING

On Apple Podcasts, thousands of free resources for hundreds of subjects are available from top universities around the world which you can use to explore your subject.

  • With your PC or Mac computer/laptop you use the iTunes Store to access Apple Podcasts.
  • With an Apple mobile device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) you use the Podcasts app
  • With other mobile devices (Android, Windows etc), you will need to download files to a PC or Mac computer via iTunes Store and then upload to your phone/tablet in the appropriate format for that device.
  • iTunes U Courses are only accessible on an Apple mobile device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch). On these you use the iTunes U app

Correct Referencing is vital to avoid academic penalties in your assignments. You should check the University’s referencing guides or ask your Information Librarian for guidance on the appropriate referencing style for your subject.

Academic and support staff: using iTunes U to support TEACHING

Adding Apple Podcasts content to your Blackboard module

On your PC or Mac computer, download the item(s) you want to use within the iTunes application. Find the original file on your system and then upload into Blackboard as usual. TEACH has information on how to add files and how to embed audio and video for your Blackboard module. Alternatively, you could just add a link to the item for your students to access themselves (see below).

Playing audio/video content in a lecture/workshop

  • Using the teaching room’s computer/projector system — in advance, check that iTunes is available on the computer you’ll be using. If it is not already installed, contact IT Customer Support and they will arrange this. Note: you may need to give them a couple of days’ notice, so it’s worth checking in good time before your lecture. With iTunes installed, you can either play the audio/video live or download to the local iTunes Library and play it from there.

  • Using your own device (Windows/Mac laptop computer, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch mobile devices) — you can either play the audio/video live using a wifi connection or download to your Podcasts/iTunes U app and play the content offline. You may need a special connector to link to the projection system in the lecture room, so check in advance. If you need guidance, contact IT Customer Support.

Sharing links with your students

Sharing is easy!

From a PC/Mac computer or Windows/Mac laptop using the iTunes application:

  • To share a podcast, right-click on the podcasts title and copy the link. What you’ve copied is simply a URL (web link) so you can then add this into your Blackboard/Moodle module, in the same way as any other web link. You could also email the link or add it to a blog, for example.
  • To share an item from a podcast, click the drop-down arrow alongside the 'Free’ button, and select from the options: share to Facebook, share to Twitter, or copy. If you use 'copy’ then you can add this to your module etc (as above).

From an Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch using the Podcasts app:

  • Select the item you want to share — this will open a pop-up panel. Select the upward arrow in the top right-hand corner, and you will be given the options for sharing: via Message, Mail, Twitter or Facebook, or you can select 'Copy Link’, which you can then paste anywhere (eg into Blackboard).