(formerly iTunes U Collections)

NB These podcasts used to be iTunes U Collections until Autumn 2017, when Apple moved this content to Apple Podcasts.

USW Podcasts are thematically grouped educational resources, which can be viewed online, or downloaded to be viewed and used offline.

Podcasts carry four types of resource:

  • Video (including animations)
  • Audio (including podcasts)
  • ebooks — in ePub3 format, for iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch and most ebook readers (except Kindle*)
  • PDF

Selected cover artwork from USW Podcasts available via Apple Podcasts

*Some ebooks are also available in a format suitable for Kindle (.mobi) — you’ll find download links for these separately on our eBooks page.

Most of our podcasts are subject-based, but some draw on a wide range of subjects, eg Talking Points: Public & Guest Lectures and Short Talks for Busy Lives.

You can see the full list of podcasts in our CATALOGUE page.