iTunes U Courses

Our iTunes U courses do not carry any formal qualifications, nor credits towards formal qualifications.

iTunes U Courses can be accessed in full via the iTunes App on Apple iOS devices. They are, in effect, MOOCs, and are free, online and open to anyone with access to an Apple mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). The courses are presented in a structured pedagogical format, with a narrative providing context for each section. Our Courses are activity driven, with opportunities for reflection and exploration, and they incorporate both original learning resources and links to external resources.

All our original media resources for the Courses are also published in the partner collections, and can be watched or downloaded on PC and Mac computers.

A note for USW academics

As well as the public benefit of sharing knowledge, our iTunes U Courses are an excellent way to showcase and market your course, and can also be used for post-enrolment/pre-induction activity to keep your new students engaged, informed and prepared for formal study.

If you would like to create an iTunes U Course for your module/award/subject, it is easy using the simple, online tool. The iTunes U team can support you in the planning and production stages, but you will retain control and responsibility for the content. When it is ready, the iTunes U team can publish it for you, and you will have a web link which can be shared, for example on your subject/award marketing pages.

Contact the Digital Publishing team for more information.

University of South Wales iTunes U Courses

Basics of Computer Programming, with Raspberry Pi

This free course has been designed to introduce you to the basics of computer programming, and getting started with Raspberry Pi. Also a taster course for all Computing Awards.
Partner collection (for PC and Mac): Basics of Computer Programming.

Basics of Computer Programming with Raspberry Pi Course artwork

Introduction to Global Governance

A free, open course, which has been designed to give you an understanding of global and local approaches to global challenges, including human rights, labour rights, environmental degradation and anti-corruption. Also a taster course for the MSc Global Governance.
Partner collections (for PC and Mac): Global Governance and Talking Points: Public and Guest Lectures.

Introduction to Global Governance Course artwork