Digital Publishing

The University of South Wales uses a variety of digital media formats to publish teaching and learning, and research content from our academics, support staff and showcase our students. We produce audio, video and animated podcasts; standard eBooks and advanced interactive books; free, online taster and introductory courses; and blogs as well.

We are proud to be the first (and only) university in Wales to host content on iTunes U — Apple’s very popular, free platform for providing non-accredited courses to students across the world.

Through iTunes U you can enrol on a wide variety of courses from world-ranking universities, museums and cultural institutions from your iPad. USW’s offering includes an Introduction to Global Governance and an 'Apple Standout Course’ — Basics of Computer Programming

Originally, iTunes U also included podcasts to watch or listen to from world-ranking universities, museums and cultural institutions to download and play on your PC/Mac computer or iOS device at your leisure. In Autumn 2017 this content moved to Apple Podcasts.

Amongst our podcasts, you will find educational content across a wide range of subjects plus information about the university and its faculties, and life as a student. In our Student Showcase you can also see some exciting examples of work from our students.

Our groundbreaking interactive books, available free on the iBooks Store, have been much praised, and are used by many other universities.

The resources in iTunes U and Apple Podcasts are free and can be downloaded without logging in with an iTunes account, so no purchase from Apple is necessary to access these materials.


Getting started with Apple Podcasts

On your computer or laptop (PC and Mac)

iTunes U app icon

If you haven’t previously used iTunes, you may like to see an overview of the iTunes application and online store from Apple.

  • If you already have the iTunes application on your computer then you can open Podcasts from the top menu when you are in the iTunes Store:iTunes podcast screenshot
  • If you don’t have iTunes installed on your home computer/laptop, you can download the iTunes application (free) for PC or Mac — just follow the simple instructions.
  • If you are a member of staff at the University of South Wales, please contact the IT Customer Support team to request installation of the iTunes application: by phone on ext. 82882, or you can log the call yourself online.

On your Apple iOS mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Apple Podcasts app icon

Apple iOS mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) users can use the Podcasts app to find and download podcasts. Podcasts is pre-installed on all iOS devices. If you have deleted Podcasts, you can re-download Podcasts (free) from the App Store


Getting started with iTunes U Courses

To access iTunes U Courses you need an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) with the iTunes U app installed. If this is not already installed on your iOS device you can download the iTunes U app (free) from the App Store.